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Euromag, camion magasin et remorque magasin pour le commerce itinérant depuis 1964. Location de véhicules magasins depuis 2010 - Notre activité

The passion of itinerant merchants

Our values and our commitments:

• Transparency: Partnership with automotive manufacturers, respect of manufacturer’s norms, compliance with standard sanitary, gas, weight...

• Quality: perfect knowledge of each itinerant merchants business specificities, attentive to customer’s requirements, customization and functionality of each vehicle manufactured in our workshops, quality products, knowledge and professionalism, our commitments: customer satisfaction and team cohesion.

• Ambition: Meet new challenges, innovate and fully contribute to the sustainability of markets, warmth place, exchanges and products authenticity.


Means implemented

>A sales team covering all our markets in France and abroad.

• New and second hand vehicles available.

• Vehicles for demonstration and presentation.

• Participation in national and international exhibitions: SIRHA, FOODS & GOODS, INTERNATIONAL AGRICULTURE EXHIBITION...

• Flexible Finance arrangements.

> Design Office

optimize each customer’s projects and find tailor-made solutions.

• Qualified personnel
• Equipped with CAD
• Research & Development
• New Trends
• Approval service
• 3D Conception

> A production site including

• Qualified and experienced workshop personnel.

• 6500 sq. meter of covered area and 30,000 sq. meter ground.

> Technical representatives

> After sales service with spare parts shop

  • Parc d'occasions
  • Parc d'occasions
  • Parc d'occasions
  • Parc d'occasions
  • Le nouveau site d'Euromag
  • Le nouveau site d'Euromag
  • Le nouveau site d'Euromag
  • Le nouveau site d'Euromag
  • Le nouveau site d'Euromag

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