A few months ago, EUROMAG and its teams developed a new glazed display named ‘KUB’.

Presented to our clients on mobile vending trailers, the new KUB glazed display is a resounding success.

A new, modern look

As its name suggests, the KUB glazed display is based on a modern cubic design. The perpendicular glazing, the vertical front and the black aluminium uprights come together to form an attractive whole. The profiles are slim and elegant. The straight lines accentuate the simplicity of the shapes. With its high-end style, the streamlined glazed display shows fine food in its best light.

This new design is compatible with the refrigerated extension, which is also fitted with glazing.

The new KUB glazed display was designed to give maximum visibility to products. Its height also makes it easier to access products.

It combines elegance and transparency to highlight the added-value of your company.


  • Two heights of glazing: 500 and 600 mm
  • Fixed horizontal glass return: 430 mm
  • Silkscreen print…
  • Front glazing on gas springs
  • Rail-mounted sliding top (not in a frame)
  • Refrigeration

The KUB glazed display was presented as a truck version at EUROMAG’s stand (3F112) at the SIRHA 2019 show.

The glazed display is the most important visual communication tool for customers. This makes it essential and EUROMAG keeps on innovating!