The GEOS Vending Trailer was launched by EUROMAG at the 2017 SIRHA show.

The new GEOS range replaces the ETAL PRODUCT range. Ranging from 2 to 4 metres in size, this small trailer has been improved while remaining compact and easy to handle.  The GEOS trailer is mainly intended for all travelling vendors looking to enter a new market, artisans who want to begin a new business activity, and producers who want to sell directly to consumers. This vending trailer is ideal for Butchers, Poulterers, Cheesemakers and Agricultural producers. A roofless version of the GEOS trailer is also available!

Main characteristics:

  • The GEOS trailer has a telescopic roof with an electric hydraulic system that runs on a 220 V supply. It features round stainless-steel stands. A backup crank system is provided in the event of power failure.
  • Awning higher than on previous version.
  • The new glazed display is curved with glass panes that can be raised using gas springs, while the rear panes are fixed. This new glazed display is covered by a removable and sliding system (no aluminium frame).
  • An articulated water supply is built into the front of the trailer, on the vendor side.
  • The front and rear ends of the trailer are moulded, and the housing of the LED lights is flush with the body.
  • A 220 V socket is built into the rear of the display.
  • Additional storage has been provided on the sill (on the customer side).
  • The height of the storage compartment on the vendor side has been increased by 50 mm, to 240 mm. The height of the drawer is now 230 mm.
  • The refrigeration unit mounted on the towbar has a moulded housing for a more attractive appearance.

For further information or to see the GEOS trailer, contact us to arrange a demonstration!